Green Manufacturing

unburned vacuum heterogeneous polymerization technology

Green Techonlogy

Natural stone is the earliest building decoration material in human history. It is not renewable natural resource,and its reserves are far less than human needs. After humans have learned how to use fire, we gradually developed the firing craft and then the tile as an alternative to stone emerged on the stage of our history. But, with high energy consumption, high pollution, high emissions, the production of ceramic tile causes irreparable damage to the earth and our living environment in the rapid development of modern society.

After more than ten years of high investment, with experts around the world, ANMEILITE successfully invented a complete UI-Stone production equipment and production technology

——"unburned vacuum heterogeneous polymerization technology".

This technology can polymerize a variety of hard particles, including all sorts of gravel, quartz sand, sea sand, river sand, glass particles, ceramic particles, into a kind of green decoration material-----the UI-Stone which is safe and healthy to decorate all the wall and floor.

Besides low energy consumption, there is no firing, no pollution, no emissions in the whole production process of the UI-Stone.

As a better substitute for the tile industry, the UI-Stone industry brings a new trend to decoration industry.