Green Manufacturing

unburned vacuum heterogeneous polymerization technology

Green Product

UI-Stone is a kind of green decoration material for wall and floor and it is a better substitute for tiles and natural stones.
With "unburned vacuum heterogeneous polymerization technology" originally created by ANMEILITE, the UI-Stone is polymerized with a variety of hard particles, including all sorts of gravel, quartz sand, sea sand, river sand, glass particles, ceramic particles, etc. Besides low energy consumption, there is no firing, no pollution, no emissions in the whole production process of the vacuum stone, therefore, the UI-Stone is safe, healthy and environmental.
Because the UI-Stone not only has many colors and styles, but also is easy to design and install, this kind of superior decoration material is widely used in many decoration fields, including all the wall and floor, toilet tables, stair steps, desktops, etc.

Green and Environmental

No air pollution, no water pollution, no solid waste pollution

Safe and healthy

No radiation, no formaldehyde, no light pollution, safe and anti-skid, no voc

Superior and Competitive

High compressive strength and strong wear resistance, strong impact and pressure resistance, strong seepage prevention and easy to clean, anti-corrosion and anti-mildew, strong aging resistance and long service life.

Green installation

Fast installation, short construction period, save construction costs and social resources

Green cycle

Can be recycled without causing secondary pollution.