Green Development

unburned vacuum heterogeneous polymerization technology
Cooperation mechanism
Joint factory model
ANMEILITE works together with investment partners which have local market resources or social resources, such as local large enterprises, investment companies, industry funds, estate agents, etc., to jointly fund the establishment of joint factories.
ANMEILITE is responsible for the unified production, unified operation, unified sales, unified management and unified brand. With investment partners grafting its local resources, we both work together to realize the development mode of “technology + capital + sales network + policy”, cooperating and sharing benefits.
Our cash contribution, accounting for 51% of the shares. Local partner cash contribution, accounting for 49%.
Cooperation process
Consultation and Interview
We will select the best one from local partners after analysis and comparison, and provide the investor with consulting services to provide relevant information, then confirm its Investment qualification after a preliminary interview.
Visit and Investigation
We will welcome interested investors to visit and investigate the model market (or direct stores) and our headquarters, while we can exam their market capacity and investment capacity in local area.information, then confirm its Investment qualification after a preliminary interview.
Determination and Cooperation
After determining the investment, we two sides will sign a contract.
Project initiation
Set up the local company and start the project.qualification after a preliminary interview.
Determination and Cooperation
According to the scale of the project, we will start the construction or the rental of land, plant and other infrastructure and start the procurement and installation of our UI-Stone automatic production line.
Operation training and market development
We carry out the training of operation, production, service, marketing and other systems,and we establish sales system, including experiential exhibition halls and other market channels.