Green Development

unburned vacuum heterogeneous polymerization technology

Cooperation mode

Taking the company as the platform, the product as the intermediary, and the win-win cooperation as the principle, we join hands with partners to carry on the product sales.

City Partner

We fund the construction of a city factory shop and the city partner is responsible for the operation and enjoy all the commission income.

    The advantages of city partner
  • No need to invest to build stores, No financial pressure
  • No need to purchase, No cargo backlog risk
  • Relying on the company brand, platform, resources, you will have no risk but high return.

Sales Partner

In compliance with the company's management system, sales partners can make full use of the company's resources to enhance sales performance to obtain high commission income.

    The advantages of sales partner
  • No need to check on work attendance, free working time
  • Relying on the company brand, electronic business platform, product customization platform, designer platform and other resources,you will have no risk but high return.
  • With your own sales performance,you can obtain high commission income and create your own wealth quickly.
  • With the company's support and training guidance, you can quickly improve your ability.

Cooperation support

In each provincial administrative region,we will send a dedicated sales team (sales manager, sales assistant) to assist city partners (managers) and sales partners to carry out work. We will enhance the sales performance of city factory shops and sales partners and quickly enhance the profitability of our partners by providing overall support from eight aspects:

Eight aspects of support